Transform your SharePoint reporting and analytics


Actionable insights for SharePoint in Office 365


Inventory and Activity

The tyGraph for SharePoint usage reporting and analytics tool is built on two key concepts:

  • Your inventory of assets
  • The activity on those assets and your sites

But that is the starting point.

Dig deep

tyGraph for SharePoint offers the most complete set of usage reporting and analytics measures that take you from top to bottom of your environment. Answer questions such as:

  • What site collection has the most users?
  • Who externally, has had access to documents?
  • Which site uses the most space?
  • Who are my top users?
  • What are my top files?
  • What are my top pages?
  • Which files have been deleted or modified, when and by whom?
  • Are sharing activities on the rise?

Try tyGraph for SharePoint

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