Free trial of tyGraph for Yammer


tyGraph for Yammer is our SaaS solution that provides actionable insights about your Yammer network. We host your data in a Microsoft Azure data center and you access it through Microsoft Power BI.

To get started using tyGraph for Yammer, have your Verified Admin from your network click here and follow the prompts. This will allow us the permissions necessary to prepare your tyGraph dashboard and reports. This is a mostly automated process and takes about a day. We will send your trial user name and password to your Verified Admin when tyGraph is ready. From there, you are free to explore tyGraph for 15 days without charge. If you want to continue use tyGraph, contact us to set up billing and training.

We built tyGraph to work with Power BI so you can create your own custom reports and dashboards using our extensive data model. We would be happy to show you how!