tyGraph for Yammer provides deep social analytics for your Yammer network. Built with community managers, group admins, and business stakeholders in mind, tyGraph for Yammer brings key measures and metrics to the surface. Our analytics include visualizations on Engagement, Influencers, Group Health and more!

We offer a free 15-day trial so you can see the value tyGraph brings. In order to begin the trial, have a Verified Network Administrator click on the button below. If you are not a Verified Network Administrator or would just like to see what tyGraph can do for you, we would be happy to schedule a brief demo of tyGraph for Yammer.

for Yammer

tyGraph for Yammer is a full featured analytics solution built to serve both Community Manager and end user:

tyGraph for Yammer ships with seven reports out of the box

  • Recent Activity. Quickly check on Engaged Groups and Engaged Members. See what new groups have been created this month. Check out who is really "moving the needle" of your network with our Influencer Score for every user in the network. 
  • Measure of Active Engagement. tyGraph's measure of engagement, known as the MAE Score, was developed in partnership with our customers to capture network engagement in a meaningful way. The MAE Score provides insights at a network, group, and user level on 12 key engagement activities. 
  • Group Activity. Groups are where the work gets done, so tyGraph takes care to provide as much information as needed to help you manage your Yammer groups. Group Activity includes our Thread Impact metric which measures those conversations that have had the most responses, Likes, and Contributors. 
  • Group Health. Key to Group Health is understanding what Groups in your network are healthy and what Groups have gone dormant. tyGraph's Group Health report provides insights on both. Our Group Inactivity metric gives you the ability to identify those Groups who have not had a new message in a specific time frame and navigate to that Group's Settings page in Yammer. We also provide the names of the Group Admins for each group for ease of contact. 
  • The Network View. tyGraph's Network View report includes your network's Lurker Ratio, which measures content consumption versus user contributions. tyGraph shows you the Most Liked Conversations and provides clickable links to them in Yammer. Also included are Top Mentioned Members and Top Sharers. While the report starts at the network level, all these metrics are available on a group level as well. 
  • Content Consumption. One of tyGraph's most popular features is our report on the consumption of content at the network, group, and user level. tyGraph provides insights on File Views, File Downloads, Top File Viewers and much more. tyGraph also highlights those top conversations that include files giving you clickable access to those threads in Yammer. 
  • Thread Watch. This report concentrates on two key metrics: those threads that have been most viral in your network in the last 24 hours and those threads that have not had a response. These visualizations are filterable at the network or group level. 
  • But wait, there's more. These are just some of the insights available. tyGraph is built on Microsoft's industry leading Power BI platform and we make our extensive data model available for you to further customize. Contact us for demonstration on all of tyGraph for Yammer's many features. 

We build intelligent analytics for Yammer and Office 365, as well as administration and management tools for Office 365 Groups.

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