Announcing tyGraph for Groups!


We are pleased to announce our brand new solution: tyGraph for Groups, the perfect addition to your Office 365 management portfolio. tyGraph for Groups provides three important features for your users and admins.

  • Groups Navigator. See all the groups you have access to and navigate to them easily. Use the common set of links per Group to go directly to a service.
  • Groups Creation Process. Put an easy to use governance control in place with Groups Creation. Assign approval of new groups to the appropriate team.
  • Groups Taxonomy Builder. With appropriate access, create organization approved hierarchy of groups for ease of navigation. Users can create their own.

tyGraph for Groups provides that missing ingredient of navigation for Office 365 Groups. Users sign in and tyGraph provides a list of groups the user has access to along with the ability to search and filter by first letter of group name.

Add your own Favorites by clicking the star icon. Find them again by clicking Favorites.


Use our Group Creation process to add an approval process to adding groups.

Make the most of your corporate and user knowledge for organizing groups with our Groups Taxonomy Builder. Admins can create and promote official group hierarchies for navigation and users can create their own.


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