February 6, 2017

tyGraph for Yammer

Show the Value of Your Yammer Network


tyGraph for Yammer is a SaaS solution that provides actionable insights about your Yammer network. If you would like to have a free trial click here for more information.

tyGraph has seven standard reports that provide extensive group and network data.

Our Past 7 Days report gives a quick snapshot of engaged members and groups over the past week.

The Influencer Score: We created the tyGraph Influencer Score to highlight those Yammer users who are not only contributing to your network but have others responding to them, engaging others in collaborating and making an impact.

Our Measure of Active Engagement, also known as the MAE Score gives you a solid indicator of the overall engagement of your network or group(s).

Group Activity provides breadth and depth information about your network or group(s) such as:

  • Top Contributors
  • Top Influencers
  • Top Mentioned Topics
  • Top Mentioned Members
  • Engaged Group Members (%)

and much more

The Group Health report has a special feature that helps you identify groups that have been inactive for a specified period of time. You can then click on a group’s Settings URL and will be brought to that group’s settings page within your Yammer network.

In The Network report, we help you track your Top Sharers, Top Groups and monthly trends on Messages, Likes, and Threads. We also show you how users are accessing your network.

Our Content Consumption report tracks File Views, File Downloads, and Notes Views. It also shows Top Message Likers and Views by File Type.

Thread Watch shows the Hot Threads in your network – those with the most responses in the last 24 hours. It also gives information about Thread Initiators, Thread Types, and Client Types.