tyGraph for Groups is a new Office 365 solution that can help your organization better manage Modern Groups in Office 365, including the provisioning, classification, and navigation of Groups across the platform. Don't let Groups proliferation impact adoption and productivity -- try tyGraph for Groups today!

We offer a free 15-day trial so you can see the value tyGraph brings. In order to begin the trial, have an O365 Tenant Administrator click on the button below. If you are not a Tenant Administrator or would just like to see what tyGraph can do for you, we would be happy to schedule a brief demo of tyGraph for Groups.

for Groups

  • Groups Navigator. See all the groups you have access to and navigate to them easily. Use the common set of links per Group to go directly to a service. 

  • Groups Creation Process. Put an easy to use governance control in place with Groups Creation. Assign approval of new groups to the appropriate team. 

  • Groups Taxonomy Builder. With appropriate access, create organization approved hierarchy of groups for ease of navigation. Users can create their own.

tyGraph for Groups provides three important features for your users and admins:

We build intelligent analytics for Yammer and Office 365, as well as administration and management tools for Office 365 Groups.

Intelligent Tools for Better Collaboration

Not an Admin or not ready for a free trial? Contact us and we'd be happy to arrange a brief demo of tyGraph's capabilities

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