tyGraph for O365 provides insights for the O365 platform. Building on the tyGraph Data Harvester we use in our Yammer product and leveraging the very latest data sources from Microsoft, we bring together data from SharePoint, Yammer, OneDrive, and Exchange in one comprehensive dashboard and set of out of the box reports. 

We offer a free 15-day trial so you can see the value tyGraph brings. In order to begin the trial, have a Tenant Administrator click on the button below. If you are not a Tenant Administrator or would just like to see what tyGraph can do for you, we would be happy to schedule a brief demo of tyGraph for O365.


for O365

tyGraph for O365 is a full featured analytics solution built to serve the IT Pro, Collaboration Manager and end user

tyGraph for O365 focuses on collaboration metrics and helping you understand the current state of your O365 platform

  • Site Collection Metrics
  • Top Content
  • Technology Use Metrics
  • User Behavior Metrics
  • Orphaned Content
  • Content metrics

tyGraph is built on Microsoft's industry leading Power BI platform and we make our extensive data model available for you to further customize. Contact us for demonstration on all of tyGraph for O365's features. 

We build intelligent analytics for Yammer and Office 365, as well as administration and management tools for Office 365 Groups.

Intelligent Tools for Better Collaboration

Not an Admin or not ready for a free trial? Contact us and we'd be happy to arrange a brief demo of tyGraph's capabilities

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